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In this updated version of Beijing Jeep, Jim Mann traces the history of the stormy romance between American business and Chinese communism through the experiences of American Motors and its operation in China, Beijing Jeep, a closely watched joint venture often visited by American politicians and Chinese leaders. He explains how some of the world's savviest executives completely misjudged the business climate and recounts how the Chinese, who acquired valuable new technology at virtually no expense to themselves, ultimately outcapitalized the capitalists.


* Introduction * Outside Looking In * Making the Deal * Mao Tais and Friendship * Getting Nowhere * Bargaining Around the World * Hoopla * Ceremonial Occasions * Presidents and Megabucks * Living in China: The Lost Boys * Arriving at the Plant * Chinese Consumers and Japan * Launching the Cherokee * The Newcomer * Of Premiers and Rockefellers * An Outpouring of Grievances * Inside the Plant: The Cultural Divide * Showdown in May * Model Company * Outside the Model * Reforming Beijing Jeep * The Return * Corporate Takeover in the Peoples Republic * Departures * A Very Long Haul * Exodus * Conclusion * Epilogue


Jim Mann served as the Beijing bureau chief for the Los Angeles Times from 1984 to 1987, then returned to China in 1989 to cover the democracy uprising. He now works as a Foreign Affairs columnist and State Department correspondent for the paper's Washington bureau.
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