Pheromones of Non-Lepidopteran Insects Associated with Agricultural Plants

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September 1999



Since the identification of insect pheromones in the late 1950s, attention has often focused on the use of these potent behavior-modifying chemicals as pest control agents. Much of this interest has concentrated on Lepidoptera, particularly moths. In addressing this topic in other insect orders, this multi-author book fills this current gap in the literature. It presents research from leading authorities on the most important insect groups, and details the current progress of research in these areas. Applications of the research to agricultural systems around the world, and possible mechanisms for sustainable crop protection, are considered. This book is essential reading for students and researchers in entomology and crop protection.


Termites; grasshoppers; bugs; aphids; scale insects; sawflies; beetles (forest, crops and postharvest); midges; fruit flies; predators; parasitoids; bees.


"Since insect pheromones were identified in the late 1950s and research began on exploiting the potent behavior-modifying chemicals as pest control agents, most of the attention has been paid to moths, the most serious agricultural pests worldwide. Here scientists survey the more recent research into other insect orders and evaluate its potential application for pest control. They report on the history and current progress in elucidating the biology and the chemistry, initiated or envisioned control strategies, agriculture, horticulture, forestry, stored products, and other aspects. They discuss fruit flies, gall midges, scarab beetles, weevils, aphids, termites, phytophagous bugs, termites, and other pests. They also discuss beneficial insects, including predators, parasitoids and their hosts, and bees."--SciTech Book News
"This book presents research from leading outhorities on the most important insect groups (other than Lepidopetra) detailing the current progress of research within these groups."--Entomological News
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