Visualizing Boccaccio: Studies on Illustrations of the Decameron, from Giotto to Pasolini

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November 2009



A 1997 study of visual and verbal interpretations of Boccaccio's The Decameron.


1. Beastly Gualtieri: another audience for the Tale of Griselda; 2. Illuminating metaphors: the tale of Tancredi, Ghismunda and Guiscardo; 3. Boccaccio, Botticelli and the tale of Nastagio: the subversion of visuality by painting; 4. Imaginative artistry: Giotto, Boccaccio and Pasolini; 5. Living pictures: high art pastiche and the cruising gaze in Pasolini's Decameron.


"...a book rich in enlightening analysis of visual detail and eager to assess the symbolic weight of such intangibles as color and form..." Choice "Ricketts has set out to write an ambitious book, covering some six centuries and a variety of literary and visual forms. Its topic is important and its approach is potentially illuminating." Envoi ...very insightful analysis, especially of the visual art, which ranges from the paintings of Giotto and Bruegel and some anonymous fifteenth-century French manuscript illustrations to Pasolini's film, Decamerone." Studies in Iconography "As rich and multi-faceted as the works of Boccaccio are, it is not surprising that they have been the impetus for hundreds of studies over several centuries." MANUSCRIPTA Vol 42 1998 Historical Review Dec 2001
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