Mgi Photosuite 4 for Dummies

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November 2000



Using this award-winning, entry-level MGI PhotoSuite 4 image editor just got easier with this handy guide. Home users will discover how to enhance images from a digital camera, scanner, or online photo service, as well as how to take advantage of the nearly 1500 templates and photo props included in PhotoSuite. Editing images to create comic books, albums, Web pages, and more is a snap with this helpful book.


PART I: The PhotoSuite 4 Phenomenon.
Chapter 1: Touring the Suite.
Chapter 2: Not Just a Pretty Interface.
Chapter 3: Photo-Science: Fun with Chemicals and Computer Chips.
Chapter 4: Imaging Equipment for All Occasions.
PART II: Lights! Camera! Action!
Chapter 5: Where Do Little Images Come From?
Chapter 6: Getting That Slippery Photo Where You Want It.
Chapter 7: Eeek! Making Ugly Stuff Look Better.
Chapter 8: First Aid for Damaged Photos.
Chapter 9: Performing Photo-Surgery.
PART III: Step into the Drawing Room.
Chapter 10: In Color Living.
Chapter 11: Drawing Tools That Amaze and Delight.
Chapter 12: A Walk on the Wild Side: Special Effects.
PART IV: Being a PhotoSuite 4 Paparazzo.
Chapter 13: Graphics on the Go.
Chapter 14: Say "Cheese!" Family Albums, Slide Shows, and Screen Savers.
Chapter 15: Cheap Gifts and Chic Digital Accessories.
Chapter 16: PhotoSuite 4 for Fun and Profit.
Chapter 17: Photo-Drama: Stitching and Weaving Images.
PART V: The Part of Tens.
Chapter 18: Ten Tips for Taking Better Pictures.
Chapter 19: Ten (Plus) Funky File Formats.
Chapter 20: Ten Troubleshooting Tips.
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Jill Gilbert is an attorney, CPA, computer guru, and amateur photographer. Her books include QuickBooks(r) Bible and pcAnywhere(TM) For Dummies(r).
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