Talk Control in English Interviews

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Februar 2015



This book illustrates the relationship between media discourse particularly TV interviews and the concept of power, through defining the Critical Analysis patterns of Conversation Analysis Approach. Then, it discovers the influence of power which is clearly reflected from the discursive patterns of Conversation Analysis rules that must be respected by both the interviewer and the interviewee.It also reveals the hidden power behind the use of turn-taking and interruption system,by illustrating the impact of power, ideology and media on language use to control the talk.Unlike other previous studies; this research shows that power is not static and can be manipulated by the interviewer, the interviewee, as well as the media institution in relation to their role, identity, and the position they hold.


Jihane Benmassoud graduated with an MA in Applied Linguistics from Moulay Ismail University. Currently,she is pursuing PhD in the field of "Language and Society" at Ibn Toufail University, Kenitra. she is also a teacher of English.Her main fields of interest include media and discourse, second language acquisition, and Foreing language teaching.
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Untertitel: An Analysis of Turn Taking, Interruption, Opening, and Closing. Paperback. Sprache: Englisch.
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