Gender, Sexuality, and Early Music

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This collection addresses questions of gender and sexuality as they relate to music from the middle ages to the early seventeenth century. These essays present a body of scholarship that considers music as part of the history of sexuality, stimulating conversation within musicology as well as bringing music studies into dialogue with feminist, gender and queer theory. Also includes 20 musical examples.


Series' Editors' Foreword. Acknowledgements. Introduction Todd Borgerding 1. Isabella Medici-Orsini: A Portrait of Self-Affirmation Donna G. Cardamone 2. "Simil combattimento fatto de Dame": The Musico-theatrical Entertainments of Margherita Gonzaga's balletto delle donne and the Female Warrior in Ferrarese Cultural History Nina Treadwell 3. Madalena Casulana: My body knows unheard of songs Thomasin LaMay 4. Chaste Warriors and Virgin Martyrs in Florentine Musical Spectacle Kelley Harness 5. La Nonne Della Ninfa: Feminine Voices and Modal Rhetoric in the Generations Before Monteverdi Laurie Stras 6. Gossip, Erotica, and the Male Spy in Alessandro Striggio's Il Cicalamento delle donne al bucato (1567) Christina Fuhrmann 7. Construction of Desire in Early Baroque Instrumental Music Andrew Dell'Antonio 8. Music, Sex and Ethnicity: Signification in Lully's Theatrical Costumes Rose A. Pruiksma 9. Sic ego te dilegebam: Music, Homoeroticism, and the Sacred in Early Modern Europe Todd Borgerding 10. Christine de Pizan and the 'Dueil Angoisseux'ii Liane Curtis Postscript: Dancing with the Ingrate Suzanne Cusick


Todd Borgerding is Assistant Professor of Music at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh.
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