20th-Century Composers: Gabriel Fauré

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Gabriel Faure (1845 -- 1924) is one of the best-loved French composers of his era: works such as the Requiem, Pavane and the Cantique de Jean Racine are perennial favourites. Faure has often been thought of as a somewhat unworldly individual; this book, however, clearly reveals his ambition and decisiveness. Born in southern France and educated at the Ecole Niedermeyer rather than the powerful Paris Conservatoire, he struggled to achieve recognition from France's musical establishment, which deemed him a dangerous outsider. His music, with its unique blend of vigour and restraint, sensuality and purity, served to inspire a new generation of French composers. This stimulating biography is the first to give equal weight to Faure's private and public lives: while professionally he eventually achieved recognition as a composer and as an influential composition teacher, is his personal life he struggled against depression, an unsatisfactory marriage and, later, devastating deafness.


In search of a family; in love and war; masters, marriage and music; a lullaby of death; the upward struggle; the immortal perfume; the archangel; the walled garden.


Jessica Duchen is a freelance music journalist whose work appears frequently in the Guardian and BBC Music Magazine, among other publications. Founding editor of Piano magazine, she is the author of Erich Wolfgang Korngold, also in the 20th-Century Composers series.


'This is an inspired choice in this still early round of Phaidon's excellent, well-presented and illustrated 20th-Century Composers Series.' (Classical Music) 'Jessica Duchen's admirable biography will do much to advance the cause of Korngold.' (Jewish Chronicle) 'As a series, Phaidon's 20th Century Composers has brought remarkable variety and a welter of information, both necessary and delightfully trivial. Intended both for the general reader and for the more enthusiatically musical...' (The Scotsman)
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