Inventing Polemic: Religion, Print, and Literary Culture in Early Modern England

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Februar 2015



Jesse Lander explores the development of the book in early modern England as both a physical object and a platform for debate and polemic. Wide-ranging in its consideration of texts, from Foxes Actes and Monuments, Miltons Areopagitica and Hamlet to ephemeral polemical pamphlets from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, Inventing Polemic recasts the historical and theological contexts of early modern literature. This study is an important reconsideration of some of the most influential texts of early modern England.


Introduction: The disorder of books; 1. Foxe's Books of Martyrs: printing and popularizing the Actes and Monuments; 2. Martin Marprelate and the fugitive text; 3. 'Whole Hamlets': Q1, Q2, and the work of distinction; 4. Printing Donne: poetry and polemic in the early seventeenth century; 5. Areopagitica and 'The True Warfaring Christian'; 6. Institutionalizing polemic: the rise and fall of Chelsea College; Epilogue: Polite learning.


Jesse M. Lander is Assistant Professor of English at the University of Notre Dame. His research interests include Renaissance Drama, the Reformation, and Shakespeare Studies.


Review of the hardback: 'Lander's study is important for its sobering argument that 'the literary culture of early modern England was fractious, robust, and deeply polemical ...' SEL: Studies in English Literature Review of the hardback: '... there is a real contribution to several debates here, and this study opens up an illuminating perspective on some key aspects of the period.' The Glass
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