Basic Environmental Technology: Water Supply, Waste Management, and Pollution Control

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April 2007



For introductory courses in Environmental Technology, Water Supply and Pollution Control, Environmental Quality Control, Environmental and Sanitary Design, and Water and Wastewater Technology. Known for its wide range of topics and easy-to-read style, this book offers a practical introduction to water supply, waste management, and pollution control. Because of the wide scope of the subject matter, it includes special primer sections and a basic review of math and unit conversion. This edition continues its emphasis on illustration--incorporating hundreds of example problems, diagrams, and photographs--and includes more information on alternative waste water collection systems, onsite waste water disposal, the sustainability of groundwater resources and more!


Table of Contents 1. Basic Concepts 2. Hydraulics 3. Hydrology 4. Water Quality 5. Water Pollution 6. Drinking Water Purification 7. Water Distribution Systems 8. Sanitary Sewer Systems 9. Stormwater Management 10. Wastewater Treatment and Disposal 11. Municipal Solid Waste 12. Hazardous Waste Management 13. Air Pollution and Control 14. Noise Pollution and Control APPENDICES A. ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT STUDIES AND AUDITS B. ROLE OF THE TECHNICIAN AND THE TECHNOLOGIST C. REVIEW OF BASIC MATHEMATICS, UNITS, AND UNIT CONVERSIONS D. GLOSSARY AND ABBREVIATIONS E. SELECTED REFERENCES, SOFTWARE, AND VIDEO RESOURCES F. ANSWERS TO PRACTICE PROBLEMS G. COLOR PHOTOGRAPHS
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