Calculus III

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This book, the third of a three-volume work, is the outgrowth of the authors' experience teaching calculus at Berkeley. It is concerned with multivariable calculus, and begins with the necessary material from analytical geometry. It goes on to cover partial differention, the gradient and its applications, multiple integration, and the theorems of Green, Gauss and Stokes. Throughout the book, the authors motivate the study of calculus using its applications. Many solved problems are included, and extensive exercises are given at the end of each section. In addition, a separate student guide has been prepared.


13 Vectors.
13.1 Vectors in the Plane.
13.2 Vectors in Space.
13.3 Lines and Distance.
13.4 The Dot Product.
13.5 The Cross Product.
13.6 Matrices and Determinants.
14 Curves and Surfaces.
14.1 The Conic Sections.
14.2 Translation and Rotation of Axes.
14.3 Functions, Graphs, and Level Surfaces.
14.4 Quadric Surfaces.
14.5 Cylindrical and Spherical Coordinates.
14.6 Curves in Space.
14.7 The Geometry and Physics of Space Curves.
15 Partial Differentiation.
15.1 Introduction to Partial Derivatives.
15.2 Linear Approximations and Tangent Planes.
15.3 The Chain Rule.
15.4 Matrix Multiplication and the Chain Rule.
16 Gradients, Maxima, and Minima.
16.1 Gradients and Directional Derivatives.
16.2 Gradients, Level Surfaces, and Implicit Differentiation.
16.3 Maxima and Minima.
16.4 Constrained Extrema and Lagrange Multipliers.
17 Multiple Integration.
17.1 The Double Integral and Iterated Integral.
17.2 The Double Integral Over General Regions.
17.3 Applications of the Double Integral.
17.4 Triple Integrals.
17.5 Integrals in Polar, Cylindrical, and Spherical Coordinates.
17.6 Applications of Triple Integrals.
18 Vector Analysis.
18.1 Line Integrals.
18.2 Path Independence.
18.3 Exact Differentials.
18.4 Green's Theorem.
18.5 Circulation and Stokes' Theorem.
18.6 Flux and the Divergence Theorem.
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