The Theology of the Second Letter to the Corinthians

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August 1991



Experienced New Testament scholar Father Murphy-O'Conner provides background to the dialogue of Paul's Second letter.


Part I. Introduction: 1. Life in Corinth; 2. The background of 2 Corinthians; Part II. The Letters: 3. Clearing up misunderstandings (1:1-2:13); 4. Authentic ministry (2:14-6:10); 5. Relations with Corinth (6:11-7:16); 6. The collection for Jerusalem (8:1 - 9:15); 7. What went wrong at Corinth?; 8. Paul takes the offensive (10:1-18); 9. The fool's speech (11:1-12:13); 10. A warning prepares a visit (12:4-13:13); Part III. Then and Now: 11. 2 Corinthians and the New Testament; 12. The significance of 2 Corinthians for today; Suggestions for further reading; Footnotes; Index.


"They are very useful volumes produced in the best tradition of British scholarship: lucidly written and argued without any claims the text cannot bear...the collected volumes belong on every reference shelf." Lawrence S. Cunningham, Commonweal "Murphy-O'Connor's contribution to this series on II Corinthians is a model of clarity and good sense." Lawrence S. Cunningham, Commonweal "Murphy-O'Connor has a well-deserved reputation as one of the leading interpreters of Paul's Corinthian correspondence...Murphy-O'Connor is often provoctaive, and this work is no exception. Many of his interpretations are persuasive...the volume is a welcome addition by an important scholar and is highly recommended..." John T. Fitzgerald, Religious Studies Review
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