Sexuality and the Erotic in the Fiction of Joseph Conrad

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Presents a critique of views that the fiction of Joseph Conrad is innocent of any interest in or concern with sexuality and the erotic, and that when he does attempt to depict sexual desire or erotic excitement, it results in bad writing. This book argues for a revision of the view that Conrad lacks understanding of and interest in sexuality.


Introduction; 1. Closeted characters and cloistered critics in II Conde, Lord Jim, Victory and The Shadow Line; 2. The exotic and the erotic in An Outcast of the Islands; 3. The erotics of cruelty in A Smile of Fortune, The Secret Agent and Victory; 4. Voyeurism in Under Western Eyes and the Shadow-Line; Conclusion; Bibliography; Index.


Jeremy Hawthorn is Professor of Modern British Literature at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. He has recently edited Conrad's Under Western Eyes and The Shadow-Line for the new World's Classics edition (both OUP, 2003) and his other publications include Joseph Conrad: Narrative Technique and Ideological Commitment (Edward Arnold, 1990).


"Reading Sexuality and the Erotic is itself akin to a sexual experience - in that, once we have read it we can never read Conrad innocently again ... [The book] is an engaging and edifying read, a combination of historical detail and textual analysis that is not only enriching but might also produce an occasional blush." - Partial Answers
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