Snapshots of Autism: A Family Album

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Jennifer Overton uses the key calendar events in the year to discuss the roller coaster of emotions that accompany life with her autistic son Nicholas. This book is a powerful account of what it is like to mother an autistic child, which puts a human face to autism amid all the overwhelming myths and facts that surround it.


1. Nicholas' birthday: A letter to my son. 2. Hallowe'en: Trick or treat? 3. Remembrance Day: Trivia quiz. 4. Christmas: A visit to Oma's. 5. New Year's Day: Please stand by. 6. Valentine's Day: Roses are red. 7. Grandpa's birthday: Grandpa's story. 8. My birthday: The gift. 9. Good Friday: Battle fatigue. 10. Easter: Acceptance. 11. Our wedding anniversary: Pick your parents. 12. Mother's Day: Our age of innocence. 13. Moving day: Great expectations. 14. Father's Day: Heirloom. 15. Canada Day: O Canada we stand on guard for thee. 16.Summer Vacation: The agenda. 17. David's birthday: Case of the missing parents. 18. Labour day: The five stages. 19. Grandparent's day: Knitting. 20. Thanksgiving: Small miracles. 20. Nicholas' birthday: The conversation. Postscript.


Jennifer Overton graduated from York University, Toronto with a Master's Degree in Theatre Performance and has been a professional actor, director and educator for over twenty years. She lives with her family in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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