Organic Agriculture in Kenya:

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Januar 2015



Increased agricultural productivity following widespread adoption of industrial agriculture in mid twentieth century is undisputed. However, inefficiencies of the system mainly in the 1970s triggered search for alternative agricultural systems. Industrial agriculture focuses on the economic dimension while organic agriculture encompasses economic, social and environmental dimensions of agriculture. This holistic approach of organic agriculture has since led to its global recognition and indeed, the relatively new green growth/economy initiative embrace the system. Formal promotion of organic agriculture in Kenya by the private sector dates back to the early 1980s. This notwithstanding, there exists scanty empirical evidence on the efficacy of the system translating into lack of organic policy formulation in the country. Availability of this vital information is imperative and this study sought to address this gap. The book is expected to inform government, farmers, extension officers, researchers and promoters of ecological agriculture.


Dr. Jennifer Njaramba is a faculty member in the School of Economics, Kenyatta University. She obtained her PhD degree in Economics in 2011 and has participated in several conferences and workshops on organic agriculture both locally and internationally. Jennifer is passionate about green economy.
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