Emergent Practice Planning

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Oktober 2002



Practitioners are faced with the complexity of health and social service work and are bombarded with policy directives, quick-fix prescriptions, new fads, and conflicting opinions. Emergent Practice Planning supports practitioners in working with the complexity of issues and developing an integrated approach to practice. This textbook aims to provide an opportunity for inexperienced practitioners to think through the issues that define practice and develop an integrated and intentional approach, including assessment, planning, evaluation, and continuous learning. Emergent Practice Planning is a significant resource for school psychologists, school counsellors, child practitioners, child psychologists, and upper-level students of school psychology.


1: Introduction.- 2: Setting the Stage.- 3: Emergent-Self as Practitioner.- 4: Contexts and Practice.- 5: Planning and Planning Systems.- Conclusion.- Appendix A: Context Models.- Appendix B: Frameworks for Assessment.- Appendix C: Agency X Case-Planning System Policy Statement.- Appendix D: Integrated Case-Planning Policy and Practice.- References.


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