Microsoft SQL Server 2005: The Complete Reference

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SQL Server 2005 is Microsoft's next-generation data management and analysis software designed to deliver increased scalability, availability, and security to enterprise data and analytical applications while making them easier to create, deploy, and manage. Filled with practical solutions and real-world examples, this resource includes full details on:
  • Enterprise data management capabilities, including security and clustering
  • Powerful developer tools -- T-SQL, .NET CLR, XML, ADO.NET 2.0
  • Business Intelligence features, such as Integration Services, data warehousing, and reports


<H2>Part I: SQL Server 2005 System and Platform Architecture<H3>Chapter 1: Getting to Know SQL Server 2005<H3>Chapter 2: Database Architecture<H3>Chapter 3: RDBMS Architecture<H3>Chapter 4: Connecting to and Administering the Database Engine<H2>Part II: Administering SQL Server 2005<H3>Chapter 5: Security<H3>Chapter 6: Databases, Tables, and Indexes<H3>Chapter 7: SQL Server Disaster Recovery<H3>Chapter 8: Distributed Database Architecture<H3>Chapter 9: SQL Server 2005 High Availability<H2>Part III: Programming SQL Server 2005<H3>Chapter 10: Transact-SQL Primer<H3>Chapter 11: Understanding the SQL Server Common Language Runtime<H3>Chapter 12: Data Integrity<H3>Chapter 13: Triggers<H3>Chapter 14: Stored Procedures and Functions<H2>Part IV: Working with SQL Server 2005<H3>Chapter 15: Working with Operational Data<H3>Chapter 16: Working with Tabular Data<H3>Chapter 17: Working with Transactional Data<H3>Chapter 18: Monitoring SQL Server<H4>APPENDIX A: T-SQL REFERENCE<H4>INDEX


Jeffrey Shapiro, MCSE, MCTS, MCPD, is the author of SQL Server 2000: The Complete Reference as well as 11 other technology books. He is currently working on a variety of SQL Server business intelligence projects for Fortune 100 companies in Orlando, Florida.
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