Politics in the Developing World: A Concise Introduction

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November 2002



Purposefully written for those coming to politics for the first time, this textbook provides an exploration and analysis of the most important political issues affecting the Developing World. Offering a different perspective from standard texts in this field, "Politics in the Developing World" encourages an understanding of the breadth and nature of a range of pressing - and previously understated - issues: the striving for democracy; the political consequences of economic growth and development; the struggle of religious and ethnic minorities; women's and human rights; the impact of globalization; and the politics of the natural environment.


List of Tables 1. Politics, Economics And Societies In The Developing World At The New Millennium:The Book's StructureWhat's In A Name: "Developing World", "Third World", Or "The South"?Domestic And External Factors In Explaining Outcomes In Developing CountriesModernization And Dependency TheoriesThe Analytical Importance Of Structure And ContingencyConclusion2. Globalization And International Relations:"Positive" And "Negative" GlobalizationThe Impact Of Technological, Economic, Political, And Cultural GlobalizationThe International Relations Of The Developing WorldConclusion: Globalization, Regionalization And The Developing World3. Economic Growth And Development:Development And Inequality At The Start Of The Twenty-First CenturyEconomic Polarization In The Developing World: The 1980s And 1990sEconomic Reform In Developing CountriesConclusion4. Democratisation And Democracy:The Third Wave Of Democracy In The Developing WorldDemocracy In The Developing World: The Regional PictureAccounting For Democracy: The Comparative Importance Of Domestic And External FactorsCase Studies: South Africa And IndonesiaConclusion 5. Religious And Ethnic Conflict:Defining Religion And EthnicityThe Political Salience Of Religion In The Developing World: Domestic And International FactorsRegional Analysis: Religio-Ethnic Conflict In The Developing WorldConclusion6. Human Rights:What Are Human Rights?Human Rights In The Developing World: Domestic And External FactorsCollectivist And Individualist Conceptions Of Human RightsRegional Analysis: Political Rights, Civil Liberties, And Human Development In The Developing World Conclusion7. Women And Gender:Gender Discrimination And Poverty In The Developing WorldWomen's Empowerment: "Feminist" And "Feminine" GroupsThe Socio-Economic Position Of Females In The Developing WorldThe Impact Of Structural Adjustment And Globalization On Poor FemalesRegional Analysis: A Woman's PlaceConclusion8. Politics Of The Natural Environment:From Stockholm To Kyoto: 25 Years Of Growing International Environmental AwarenessEnvironmental Crisis In The Developing WorldEnvironmental Concerns And Politics In The Developing World: The Domestic DimensionThe External Dimension Of Environmental Protection: The IMF, The World Bank And Greenpeace InternationalCase Studies: Environmental Groups In The Developing WorldConclusion9. Conclusion:Domestic Factors: Political Participation, Civil Society And Economic DevelopmentInternational FactorsConclusion: The FutureAppendix 1: Useful WebsitesAppendix 2: Freedom House Survey MethodologyBibliography Index


Professor Jeff Haynes is in the Department of Politics and Modern History, London Guildhall University. He is the author of "Religion in Third World Politics "(1993), "Religion and Politics in Africa" (1996), "Third World Politics" (Blackwell 1996), "Democracy and Civil ""Society in the Third World: Politics and New Political Movements" (Polity, 1997), "Religion in Global Politics" (1998), "Democracy in the Developing World: Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East" (Polity, 2001) and the editor of "Religion, Globalization and Political Culture in the Third World "(1999), "Democracy and Political Change in the 'Third World'"(2001) and "Towards ""Sustainable Democracy in the Third World "(2001). He is also the author of numerous book chapters, articles and conference papers on various aspects of the Developing World and comparative politics.


Haynes has written a concise and lucid introduction to the developing world. At the same time, the work is rich in analysis and in empirical examples drawn from a wide variety of developing countries and the political and economic developments occurring within them. 'Politics in the Developing World' is a welcome and an important addition to the growing literature on political and economic development. Professor Mehran Kamrava, California State University, Northridge "Haynes explores and analyzes the most important political issues affecting the developing world. It is an essential and ideal introduction as well as an invitation to further study." M.O.Anda, University of Arkansas at Little Rock "A clearly written, broad-ranging review of salient themes in Third World politics: gender, culture, the environment, human rights, and so on ... a welcome addition to the bookshelf of any undergraduate interested in globalization and development." Development and Change
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