Empirical Studies in Applied Economics

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Juli 2001



Empirical Studies In Applied Economics presents nine previously unpublished analyses in monograph form. In this work, the topics are presented so that each chapter stands on its own. The emphasis is on the applications but attention is also given to the econometric and statistical issues for advanced readers. Econometric methods include multivariate regression analysis, limited dependent variable analysis, and other maximum likelihood techniques. The empirical topics include the measurement of competition and market power in natural gas transportation markets and in the pharmaceutical market for chemotherapy drugs. Additional topics include an empirical analysis of NFL football demand, the accuracy of an econometric model for mail demand, and the allocation of police services in rural Alaska. Other chapters consider the valuation of technology patents and the determination of patent scope, duration, and reasonable royalty, and the reaction of financial markets to health scares in the fast-food industry. Finally, two chapters are devoted to the theory and testing of synergistic health effects from the combined exposure to asbestos and cigarette smoking.


List of Figures. List of Tables. Preface. Introduction. 1. Revealed Market Power of a Natural Gas Pipeline. 2. The Demand for NFL Football. 3. Shifts in the Demand for Direct Mail. 4. Valuation of a Technology Patent. 5. Statistical Analysis of Synergy. 6. Tests of Synergy. 7. Concentration in the Chemotherapy Drug Market. 8. Alaskan Police Services. 9. Fast Food Health Scare. Index.
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