Chemical Vapor Deposition Polymerization

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November 2003



Chemical Vapor Deposition Polymerization - The Growth and Properties of Parylene Thin Films is intended to be valuable to both users and researchers of parylene thin films. It should be particularly useful for those setting up and characterizing their first research deposition system. It provides a good picture of the deposition process and equipment, as well as information on system-to-system variations that is important to consider when designing a deposition system or making modifications to an existing one. Also included are methods to characterizae a deposition system's pumping properties as well as monitor the deposition process via mass spectrometry. There are many references that will lead the reader to further information on the topic being discussed. This text should serve as a useful reference source and handbook for scientists and engineers interested in depositing high quality parylene thin films.


1. Introduction.- 2. Deposition Equipment.- 3. Step-by-Step Guide to Depositing Parylene.- 4. Parylene-N Precursor Chemistry.- 5. Deposition Kinetics for Polymerization via the Gorham Route.- 6. Film Properties.- 7. Other CVD Polymers.- References.
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