The Reform of Baptism and Confirmation in American Lutheranism

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November 2003



This resource examines the historical and theological background of the rites used for baptism and confirmation in the Lutheran Book of Worship (1978). The introduction of the LBW as the standard book in Lutheran worship not only provided North American Lutherans with a new rite for baptism but also new understandings of the meaning of baptism.


1 Lutheran Baptismal Rites before the Lutheran Book of Worship 2 The Inter-Lutheran Commission on Worship's Work on Baptism 3 The Development of the ILCW ' s Baptismal Rite 4 Official Reactions to Contemporary Worship 7 and Futher Revisions 5 Toward a New Understanding of Confirmation 6 The Work of the ILCW on Confirmation, 1971-1975 7 The Responce to Contemporary Worship 8 8 Theological Analysis 9 Post-LBW Developments and Continuing Questions


Jeffrey A. Truscott is an instructor in liturgics at Japan Lutheran College and Theological Seminary in Tokyo.


This book is a historical and theological study of the work of the ILCW [Inter-Lutheran Commission for Worship] on baptism and the whole process that resulted in the order for baptism and confirmation in the LBW [Lutheran Book of Worship]...Truscott goes into great detail to show the process involved in the formation of these services...Especially valuable are the extensive quotes of primary source material and the multiple appendices which give many of different forms and drafts of the baptismal and confirmation services in the process leading up to the LBW...this book is valuable... Lutheran Quarterly It is not often that the doctoral thesis of a theologian is able to communicate on a level that can be understood by most people in the church. It is even rarer that such an endeavor can be embraced by an audience beyond the academic community to which it was originally addressed. In The Reform of Baptism and Confirmation in American Lutheranism, Jeffrey Truscott is able to do both...Anyone with a curiosity about the process of liturgical renewal will find satisfaction in this book...I recommend Reform to those who are impassioned about the current 'Renewing Worship' project, regardless of where one's passions lie...Anyone who reads Reform will come away with an appreciation of liturgical reform. Doxology ...a most welcome addition to the shelf of books detailing the history of Christian initiation rites. -- Paul Turner Worship
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