Woodworking for Dummies

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Features detailed illustrations and how-to photos Create beautiful furniture and decorative items the fun and easy way® ! Want to work with wood? This friendly guide gets you started in the basics, from selecting the right type of wood and the best hand and power tools to the nuts and bolts of joining, sanding, and finishing wood. You' ll make a simple bookcase and move on to create tables and cabinets that will last a lifetime. Discover how to: Get the hang of your tools and outfit a workshopChoose the right wood cut for youWork with wood joints and edgingSet up a workshop and store your toolsApply adhesives, stains, paints, oils, and varnishesProtect yourself from injury The Dummies WayExplanations in plain English' Get in, get out' informationIcons and other navigational aidsTear-out cheat sheetTop ten listsA dash of humor and fun


Introduction. Part I: What's All the Buzz about Woodworking? Chapter 1: Discovering the Basics of Woodworking. Chapter 2: Wood You Be Mine? Appreciating Wood for All It's Worth. Chapter 3: Putting Safety First in Your Workshop. Part II: Tool Time: Selecting and Setting Up Your Equipment. Chapter 4: Gearing Up: Choosing Tools That Are Right for You. Chapter 5: Getting a Handle on Hand Tools. Chapter 6: Peeking at Portable Power Tools. Chapter 7: Introducing the Big Guns: Stationary Power Tools. Chapter 8: Setting Up Your Workshop and Maximizing Your Tools. Part III: Together Forever: Basic Wood Joinery. Chapter 9: Stuck on You: Using Adhesives and Glues. Chapter 10: Working with Wood Joints. Chapter 11: Making the Most of Mechanical Fasteners. Part IV: Getting Your Hands (and Shop) Dirty: Turning Raw Wood into Furniture. Chapter 12: Understanding the Building Process. Chapter 13: Banging Out Bookcases. Chapter 14: Tackling Tables. Chapter 15: Creating Cabinets. Part V: The Grand Finale: Sanding and Finishing Your Masterpiece. Chapter 16: Smoothin' It Out by Sanding and Filling. Chapter 17: Adding Color: Stains and Paints. Chapter 18: Protecting Your Work with Topcoats. Part VI: The Part of Tens. Chapter 19: Ten Great Habits to Get Into. Chapter 20: Ten Common Woodworking Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them. Chapter 21: Ten Great Woodworking Resources. Index.


Jeff Strong, of Lamy, New Mexico is not only an accomplished craftsman and woodworker, but is also author of Drums For Dummies and Home Recording For Dummies. Jeff began creating sawdust at a very early age while assisting his father, a master craftsman, build fine furniture. He has designed and build countless pieces of furniture and has recently completed the designs for a commercial line of furniture blending Arts and Crafts and Asian infuences which has already secured representation with a gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


"...this friendly guide gets you started in the basics...choose your step by step project and away you go..." (Prizes Galore, February 2004)
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