A Skywatcher's Year

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If you have ever watched shooting stars graze the sky or wondered about a particularly bright point of light near the horizon, then this is the book for you. A Skywatcher's Year is the authoritative guide to visible bodies in the night sky throughout the year. Through fifty-two essays, Jeff Kanipe guides you to celestial events and phenomena that occur or are visible with the naked eye and binoculars for each week of the year. He acquaints you not only with up-to-date astronomical information on stars, nebulae, meteors, the Milky Way, and galaxies, but also conveys the beauty and wonder of the night sky. Covering both the Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere, A Skywatcher's Year helps readers find prominent stars and constellations, bright star clusters, nebulae, and galaxies, and explains how and when to observe prominent annual meteor showers. Kanipe also examines the most frequently-observed celestial body, the Moon, and the intriguing lore surrounding it. A rich and jargon-free look at the sky through the four seasons, this engaging book will give new dimensions to backyard star-gazing.


Acknowledgements; Foreword; Author's note; Introduction; Part I. The Sky by Seasons: Winter; Spring; Summer; Autumn; Part II. The Sun and the Moon: The Skywatcher's Sun; The Skywatcher's Moon; Greatest shadow show in the Solar System; Aurorae: the Northern and Southern Lights; Appendices; Further reading.


Jeff Kanipe is a science writer and editor based in Boulder, Colorado.


"...seasoned astronomy popularizer Jeff Kanipe takes you on a week-by-week tour of the night sky. He describes naked-eye and binocular sights in the sky as the constellations change during the year, noting phenomena such as meteor showers and the zodiacal light." Sky & Telescope "...a concise and readable stargazer's guide for every night of the year." The Dallas Morning News "For the benefit of stargazers in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, A Skywatcher's Year highlights celestial events for each week. Readers learn how to determine the location of constellations, stars, nebulae, and meteors." Science News "Readers with little experience in studying the skies will find this book a useful introduction." Choice
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