Stop Whining! Start Selling!: Profit-Producing Strategies for Explosive Sales Results

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If you want real-world solutions to drive monstrous results, like a 2550 0ncrease or more in revenue and earnings, Stop Whining! Start Selling! is for you! As a business leader, salesperson, CEO, manager, executive, or entrepreneur, get ready to grow your business, enhance your profits, boost your earnings, and improve your life. Quickly, ethically, and dramatically! This book gives you an almost unfair competitive advantage. Its loaded with powerful insights and how-to success strategies on: Ethics Sales Marketing Negotiations And more! Order your copy today!


Introduction: Let the Crusade Begin! PROFIT PILLAR I: The Personal, Powerful You! Profit Points: 1. Never forget. 2. World's fastest strategic lesson. 3. Rise to the top! 5 4. You can't fly with two feet on the ground! 5. Push your paradigm! 6. Prospecting for gold. 7. Passion produces profit. 8. A great eight! 9. A fish story! 10. A champion's vision. P.I.T. Stop. PROFIT PILLAR II: Probe & Prosper. Profit Points 11. Conquer with questions. 12. Rain, rain, go away! 13. Good-bye to gab. 14. The answer is in the question! 15. Mr. Big said, "Sell me!". 16. When is it over? 17. Child's play. 18. 179 lessons from the network newsies. 19. Ascend The Ladder. P.I.T. Stop. PROFIT PILLAR III: Winning Words & Wallet Wisdom. Profit Points: 20. Yummy green bug juice! 21. Gotcha! 22. Move your world. 23. A tip from Down Under. 24. The Fairness Doctrine. 25. A piece of the pie. 26. The Blue Suit. 27. Budget builders. 28. Total satisfaction. 29. Objection overruled. 30. Go A.P.E. 31. Winning the inside fight. P.I.T. Stop. PROFIT PILLAR IV: A Profit Parade. Profit Points: 32. Value on the vine! 33. The innovative interview. 34. Negotiation know-how! 35. Houston, we have a problem! 36. Hot town, summer in the city! 37. Peddler or partner? 38. Driving the C-class. 39. Pitcher perfect. 40. Get CRE8IV! 41. Lost or found? P.I.T. Stop. PROFIT PILLAR V: Communicate & Conquer. Profit Points: 42. Why? 'CAUS! 43. First impressions. 44. Psychiatric help! 45. On the way to this, I found that! 46. E-savvy versus Eeeh sorry! 47. Toot your horn! 48. Image impact. 49. The Rule of 4:1. 50. The good. The bad. The ugly. 51. Control and impress! 52. Push, pull, play, and profit. 53. Commotion, communication, and Costco. P.I.T. Stop. PROFIT PILLAR VI: Referrals: Your Road to Results! Profit Points: 54. All you have to do is ask! 187 55. Remember to R.E.M.E.M.B.E.R. 56. 230 million reasons. 57. Referral psyche: your mental mind-set. 58. Relationship power. 59. Swing from the VINe. 60. Is it time? 61. Before you bask, you must ASK! 62. Where else? When else? 63. Thanks, but no thanks! 64. People power! 65. Shake your O p p p o r t u n i t r e e ! 66. Don't be a sap without a R.A.P. 67. Fly the friendly skies! 68. Moment of opportunity. 69. It's great to give! P.I.T. Stop. PROFIT PILLAR VII: Mind & Money. Profit Points: 70. Psychic debt. 71. The 1% Solution(t). 72. Hustle, hope, and happiness. 73. Focus versus fear! 74. Savor the S.A.B.E.R. 75. Truisms or valuable stuff I have discovered. 76. Good-bye to status quo! 77. Fill your pipeline. 78. Class is always in session. 79. Lessons from a limo. 80. Bravo Leader! 81. Daddy, when do we hit the ceiling? 82. Who's in control? 83. Who? You? 84. G.O.I.M.O. 85. A lucky 13. P.I.T. Stop. PROFIT PILLAR VIII: Serve & Soar! Profit Points: 86. Massage magic. 87. Hot shower! 88. Who pays your salary? 89. Insights from the outside! 90. Tales of terror! 91. Anniversary angst! 92. Customer in training. 93. No-no. Yeah-yeah! 94. SERVice with a smile. 95. Have I explained this well? 96. Hawaiian hospitality. P.I.T. Stop. PROFIT PILLAR IX: Fly like an Eagle! Profit Points: 97. Forget time management. Manage yourself. 98. 21 tips for the 21st century. 99. To know me is to love me. 100. Focus Five. P.I.T. Stop. FINAL STUFF. Now what? Meet Jeff Blackman. Jeff educates, entertains, and inspires! Jeff's growth tools accelerate your career, grow your business, and improve your life! Special thanks to ... Index.


JEFF BLACKMAN ( is a speaker, author, success coach, broadcaster, and lawyer. For more than two decades, his positive and profit-producing messages have helped companies around the world maximize results, revenues, and profits. He works with clients in the areas of sales, marketing, service, negotiations, leadership, and change. He's also a happy husband, devoted father, avid softball player, and rabid Chicago Cubs fan! Visit his Web site and subscribe to the FREE Results Report.
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