Europe and Refugees: A Challenge? / L'Europe Et Les Refugies: Un Defi?

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Februar 1997



This volume analyzes the various challenges posed by the plight of refugees today, paying particular attention to the situation in Europe, and to the recent European treaties, such as the Dublin Convention, the Schengen Agreement and the Resolutions of the European Union.


Foreword; J. Velaers. Preface;
X. Dijon.
I. The Challenge. Le Defi.
1. La creation de la democratie et de l'asile par l'action politique contre le neo-liberalisme securitaire; M.-C. Caloz-Tschopp.
2. Migration and Refugees: A Challenge for the 21st Century; D. Warner.
3. Free Circulation: A Socio-Political Point of View; P. Rudge.
4. Is Refugee Status Really Elitist? An Answer to the Ethical Challenge; J.C. Hathaway.
II. The Refugees. Les Refugies.
5. A Comparison of the Judicial Interpretations of the notion of Refugee; D. Vanheule.
6. Le role des instances de decision; F. Julien-Laferriere.
7. Women Refugees: Forgotten No Longer? D. Anker.
III. Europe. L'Europe.
8. D'un systeme europeen d'asile vers un droit europeen des refugies; P. De Bruycker.
9. Status Determination and the Safe Third Country Principle; R. Fernhout.
10. Some Reflections About Free Circulation; J. Vedsted-Hansen.
11. Soft Law as a Source of International and European Refugee Law; U. Brandl.
12. Refugee Protection in Western Europe: A UNHCR Perspective; J. van der Klaauw.
13. Les controverses autour de la politique europeenne envers les refugies;
L. van Outrive.
IV. Conclusions.
14. Borgnes au royaume des aveugles? One-Eyed Kings in the Land of the Blind? J.-Y. Carlier.
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