Travel and Drama in Shakespeare's Time

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Januar 2007



Interconnections between voyage narratives and travel plays in Shakespeare's era.


List of contributors; 1. Introduction Jean-Pierre Maquerlot and Michele Willems; 2. Foreign relations in Jacobean England: the Sherley brothers and the 'voyage of Persia' Anthony Parr; 3. 'The naked and the dead': Elizabethan perceptions of Ireland Andrew Hadfield; 4. The Elizabethans in Italy Jonathan Bate; 5. Tragic form and the voyagers Philip Edwards; 6. Nationality and language in Thomas Kyd's The Spanish Tragedy J. R. Mulryne; 7. Marlowe's Argonauts Yves Peyre; 8. Pirates and 'turning Turk' in Renaissance drama Lois Potter; 9. The wrong end of the telescope Brian Gibbons; 10. 'Travelling hopefully': the dramatic form of journeys in English Renaissance drama Peter Holland; 11. 'Seeing things': Amazons and cannibals Michael Hattaway; 12. Industrious Ariel and idle Caliban Andrew Gurr; 13. The New World in The Tempest Leo Salingar; 14. 'What's past is prologue': metatheatrical memory and transculturation in The Tempest Gunter Walch; 15. Lope de Vega and Shakespeare Kenneth Muir; Index.
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