Mass Expulsion in Modern International Law and Practice

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Juli 1995



A study of the current problems of mass expulsion. Throughout the book, the author searches for the distinctive features of this practice and constantly juxtaposes international law and practice. Discussion about the international legal standards is illustrated by examples of recent cases.


Abbreviations. Foreword by L.B. Sohn. Introduction. 1. The Prohibition of Mass Expulsion of Aliens. 2. Specific Aspects of Mass Expulsion of Migrant Workers. 3. Mass Expulsion of Persons Enjoying Special Protection. 4. Indirect Mass Expulsion. 5. Mass Expulsion and War. 6. Mass Expulsion by an Occupant: Deportation of Enemy Civilians during Belligerent Occupation. 7. Some Aspects of Emergency Relief, Remedies, Enforcement and Prevention. Appendices. Select Bibliography. Index.


'..".the book provides readers with important basic information on the genesis of safeguards against mass expulsion. Several of its chapters constitute a practical treatise for scholars and practitioners striving to combat this reprehensible practice.'
"The American Journal of International Law, 90 (1996).
"This is a superbly written study. The author sets out his ideas clearly, and treats the subject-matter comprehensively. His arguments are powerful but balanced, his writing dense yet highly readable. In addition, his extensive research, case law references and bibliography make the book a valuable tool for international lawyers and local practitioners trying to stem mass expulsions.'
"International Journal of Refugee Law, (1996).
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