MicroC / OS-II

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This updated edition describes the design and implementation of the MicroC/OS-II real-time operating system and offers an extremely detailed and highly readable design study useful to students.



Chapter 1: Sample Code
Chapter 2: Real-Time Concepts
Chapter 3: Kernel Structure
Chapter 4: Task Management
Chapter 5: Time Management
Chapter 6: Event Control Blocks
Chapter 7: Semaphores
Chapter 8: Mutual Exclusion Semaphores
Chapter 9: Event Flags
Chapter 10: Message Mailboxes
Chapter 11: Message Queues
Chapter 12: Memory Management
Chapter 13: Porting MicroC/OS-II
Chapter 14: 80x86 Large Model Port
Chapter 15: 80x86 Large Model Port with Floating Point Support
Chapter 16: Upgrading From uC/OS to MicroC/OS-II
Chapter 17: Reference Manual
Chapter 18: Configuration Manual

Appendix A: Example Source Code
Appendix B: Microprocessor Independent Source Code
Appendix C: 80x86 Real-Mode, Large Model Ports
Appendix D: PC Support Services
Appendix E: HPLISTC and TO
Appendix F: Coding Conventions
Appendix G: Licensing
Appendix H: Quick Reference Chart


Jean J. Labrosse is a senior technical staff member at Dynalco Controls in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. He has a master's degree in electrical engineering and has been designing embedded systems for many years. Labrosse is the author of the popular operating system and book MicroC/OS-II: The Real-Time Kernel. He has written articles for numerous magazines, and is a regular lecturer and advisory board member for the Embedded Systems Conference.


""MicroC/OS-II...does much more than simply present usable source code (though it does that also). It explains WHY the code is the way it is."
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