The Life Within

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Mai 1991



This special book is for every woman who has ever been pregnant, or is now experiencing her first pregnancy, as well as all those hoping to better understand pregnancy's powerful feelings and events-the joy, the pain, the wonder, the bonding, the miracle of new life!


The First Month.
The Second Month.
The Third Month.
The Fourth Month.
The Fifth Month.
The Sixth Month.
The Seventh Month.
The Eighth Month.
The Ninth Month.


Inspired by her own pregnancy and birth experience, Hegland takes the reader upon the month-by-month journey traveled by every mother-to-be....The book...combines accurate biological information as it reflects deep understanding of the mother-child bonding that occurs during pregnancy. Included are several old folktales illustrating women's never-ending connection to both past and future. Hegland's rich prose style makes it all a joy to read.-Booklist
"...this book serves as a useful manifesto of the approach to bioinformatics taken by NCBI. In particular, the discussion of the NCBI Data Model, the information retrieval philosophy, GenBank, the structure databases and creation useful glimpse at the underlying logic and philosophy behind the services provided by the center....this is a worthwhile addition to the library as a reference guide for biologists using computational resources, and desiring an introduction to the use of some important tools....bioinformatics professionals should also have this book because of its excellent treatment of some areas."-FEBS Letters
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