Using Duality in Various Scientific Visualizations

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Mai 2008



The growing popularity and demand for scientific visualization is due to the explosion in generating data as simulations and measurements using supercomputers. Scientific visualization facilitates visual interpretation of massive data sets. The dissertation focuses on the following: (a) visualization of two-dimensional tensor fields using topology, (b) a new algorithm to generate isosurfaces for visualizing volume data, (c) different schemes of interactive visualization of water-resource data. This article particularly brings out the use of duality of key aspects in three different areas for effective visualization.


Jaya Sreevalsan-Nair is a researcher in the field of scientific visualization focusing on volume visualization, topology and computational geometry. She completed her education at Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Mississippi State University and University of California Davis. She currently works for Texas Advanced Computing Center as a research associate in the Visualization group.
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