Geothermal HVAC: Green Heating and Cooling

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November 2010



Covers the fast-growing field of geothermal air conditioning and heating technology.


Chapter 1. How does geothermal work;
Chapter 2. Components of a system;
Chapter 3. What can be heated/cooled with geothermal/earth coupled systems;
Chapter 4. Types and sizes of heating and cooling systems;
Chapter 5. Types of geothermal heat pumps;
Chapter 6. Which kind of geothermal system is best for which application;
Chapter 7. Load calculations;
Chapter 8. What should it cost to have a geothermal system installed;
Chapter 9. System designs; what works, and what doesn't;
Chapter 10. What is my EER, really;
Chapter 11. Net positive cash flow... or how to calculate a payback...;
Chapter 12. Federal and local tax incentives and rebates;
Chapter 13. Lifecycles and longevity


Jay Egg is a certified geothermal designer and founder of Egg Systems, an HVAC services company focused on geothermal technology. He is a sought-after expert on geothermal HVAC, and his team has written hundreds of web articles on the topic.
Brian Clark Howard is a Web editor with the Daily Green, a division of Hearst Digital Media. He writes and edits articles and blogs on earth-friendly topics, and is syndicated on Yahoo!, MSN, Huffington Post, O (The Oprah Magazine), and others. Brian is the coauthor of The Whole Green Catalog (Rodale Press 2009) and Green Living: The E Magazine Handbook for Living Lightly on the Earth (Penguin, 2005).
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