101 Best Cover Letters

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April 1999



Best cover letter secrets from the experts!Brought to you by the authors of the best-selling "101 Best Resumes," this companion book offers first-rate cover letters from the experts! Prepared by experienced writers in the Professional Association of Resume Writers, the organization that certifies career document specialists, "101 Best Cover Letters" gives you the benefit of the expertise that clients have gladly paid hundreds of dollars for. Packed with professional know-how, insight, and power, this high-energy collection of letters sells you to potential employers. Featuring examples of compelling cover letters to accompany every type of resume," 101 Best Cover Letters" makes cover letters easy as P.I.E.Put intensity into your letters--Emulate these examples and shine above the competition Interest--Grab employers' attention with dynamic techniques Excellence--Create an image of accomplishment, professionalism, and competence that fits employers' needs "101 Best Cover Letters" gives you a wide variety of cover letters that work.This book provides outstanding, proven sample cover letters that: Get your resume read attentively Ignite employers' interest with the first two sentences Communicate confidence, integrity, and competence Serve as both cover letters and resumes (10 examples) Work effectively for e-mail Generate invitations to interview Position yourself best to meet the needs of today's employers The perfect companion to the bestselling "101 Best Resumes" and "101 More Best Resumes," "101 Best Cover Letters" gives you the edge in today's competitive job market. This is the ultimate guide for cutting through the clutter and the competition to land your dream job!


<H3> 1. How to Use This Guide.<H3> 2. Uncovering New Opportunities.<H3> 3. Cover Letters as Easy as PIE.<H3> 4. Covers Letters and the Ten Commandments.<H3> 5. Anatomy of a Cover Letter.<H3> 6. Targeted Cover Letters Aimed at Specific Companies.<H3> 7. Targeted Cover Letters Directed to Executive Recruiters.<H3> 8. Cover Letters Responding to Classified Advertisements.<H3> 9. The Broadcast Cover Letter.<H3> 10. Concept Marketing Letter.


Jay A. Block is a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) and the contributing co-founder of the Professional Association of Resume Writers (PARW). He helped develop the PARW national certification process and is a widely respected national speaker, author, and an internationally certified career coach.
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