Athletics and Literature in the Roman Empire

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Examination of Greek athletics in the Roman Empire and how they were represented in the literature of the period.


1. Introduction; 2. Lucian and Anacharsis: gymnasion education in the Greek city; 3. Models for virtue: Dio's Melankomas and the athletic body; 4. Pausanias and Olympic panhellenism; 5. Silius Italicus and the athletics of Rome; 6. Athletes and doctors: Galen's agonistic medicine; 7. Philostratus' Gymnasticus and the rhetoric of the athletic body; Conclusion.


Jason Konig is Lecturer in Greek and Classical Studies at the University of St. Andrews. He has written articles on a wide range of Greek authors from the Imperial period.


Review of the hardback: '... an illuminating and well-written guide to a period of great interest and importance for the understanding of the history of athletics.' Journal of Classics Teaching Review of the hardback: 'This book is the fruit of an immense amount of reading, lucidly though lengthily laid out, with generous signposting and an exemplary absence of jargon. Alongside the work of van Nijf and Zahra Newby, this book restores athletic endeavour to its rightful position in the study of Greek culture under the Roman Empire. It will be essential for anyone dealing with athletics as presented in Greek prose writing. More generally, it will be of great value to anyone interested in discourse about the Greek past in this period.' The Journal of Roman Studies '... a very involving and thought-provoking work that makes excellent use of literary and non-literary evidence. It highlights an area of the ancient world that is very rich in good quality evidence but that has received less consideration than is warranted.' Classics Ireland '[Konig's] book delivers even more than it promises in the title. It is not only about athletics and literature but about identities, ideals [and] (self-)representations in the Roman Empire approached with a careful and insightful analysis of the ancient sources on athletics.' Arctos
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