Politics and History in the Tenth Century: The Work and World of Richer of Reims

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Using a history written by a monk in the late tenth century as a point of departure for an exploration of the culture of tenth-century France, this book focuses mainly on the ways that he and his contemporaries engaged in and reacted to contemporary political events. In particular, it demonstrates that the writing of history for these men was a form of participation in the larger political events of their day and a political act itself.


List of illustrations; Acknowledgements; Notes on the notes and other conventions; List of abbreviations; Introduction; Part I. Religious and Intellectual Landscapes: 1. Richer of Reims; 2. Cantor and canon at the cathedral of Reims; 3. Intellectual culture; 4. Monk at Saint-Remigius; Conclusions; Part II. Political History: 5. A Frankish civil war, 987-991; 6. Archbishop Gerbert of Reims, 981-998; 7. Richer and his narrative; 8. A tenth-century treasure; Conclusions; Part III. Historian and Community, Past and Present: 9. Flodoard of Reims; 10. Carolingians and Robertians, 888-929; 11. The contested see of Reims, 925-948; 12. Kingship and community; Conclusions; Epilogue: a curious journey; Appendices; Bibliography; Index.


Jason Glenn is Assistant Professor of History, University of Southern California, Los Angeles.


"Glenn's work combines many sophisticated literary and historical techniques to be a model of this sort of study." Daniel Boice "This is a book worht reading...Glenn's general conclusions are persuasive, his methodology sensibly provocative." - Cullen J. Chandler, Lycoming College
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