Project Management Methodologies: Selecting, Implementing, and Supporting Methodologies and Processes for Projects

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Explore this comprehensive survey of the tools, tips, techniques, and tactics that project managers need to successfully complete their projects. Seasoned project management consultant Jay Charvat presents a detailed description of each methodology currently available, weighs the advantages and disadvantages of each, and provides a plan for implementation. He includes expert advice on putting the methodologies to use in both individual projects and across the organization and provides detailed guidance on maintenance and support. Buy it today!  


Foreword. Introduction. Chapter 1. Understanding Project Methodologies. Chapter 2. Project Methodologies Explained. Chapter 3. Project Management Frameworks. Chapter 4. Development Methodology-Selection and Utilization. Chapter 5. Implementing Project Methodologies. Chapter 6. Supporting the Methodology. Chapter 7. Project Templates and Techniques. Chapter 8. Project Processes and Trends. Appendix: Questions and Answers. Index. About the Author.


JASON "JAY" CHARVAT, CBM, is a Project Management Consultant and Senior Manager for RCG InformationTechnology, Inc., a leader in end-to-end IT professional services, application development, management, and integration of IT solutions for Fortune 500 companies. He has extensive international experience in the cellular, defense, government, pharmaceutical, and telecommunications industries. For more than ten years, Charvat has led development teams to deliver successful IT solutions. He is an active member of the Project Management Institute and a member of the RCG Presidents Club. He is also a contributing writer for CNET Networks Inc.
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