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In this study two strands of inferentialism are brought together: the philosophical doctrine of Brandom, according to which meanings are generally inferential roles, and the logical doctrine prioritizing proof-theory over model theory and approaching meaning in logical, especially proof-theoretical terms.


Acknowledgements 1. Inferentialism: State of Play PART I: LANGUAGE, MEANING AND NORMS 2. Words as Governed by Rules 3. Meanings as Inferential Roles 4. The Rules of Language 5. Our Language Games 6. Rules and Evolution PART II: LOGIC, INFERENCE AND REASONING 7. Inference in Logic 8. Logical Constants 9. Logic as Making Inference Explicit 10. Rules of Logic 11. Logic and Reasoning Postscript: Inferentialism on the Go Appendix: Proofs of Theorems Notes References Index
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