Birational Geometry of Algebraic Varieties

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This book provides the first comprehensive introduction to the circle of ideas developed around Mori's program.


1. Rational curves and the canonical class; 2. Introduction to minimal model program; 3. Cone theorems; 4. Surface singularities; 5. Singularities of the minimal model program; 6. Three dimensional flops; 7. Semi-stable minimal models.


Review of the hardback: '... the book is very crisply written, unusually easy to read for a book covering advanced material, and is moreover very concise for the book for reference, but is also an ideal book on which to base a series of seminars for research students, or indeed for research students to read by themselves.' P. M. H. Wilson, Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society Review of the hardback: '... a very good survey of present research.' European Mathematical Society Review of the hardback: 'I can recommend it to anyone wanting to get a deeper knowledge than just getting a survey of some facts on the classification theory.' M. Coppens, Niew Archief voor Wiskunde Review of the hardback: '... a very good survey of present research ... a very clear presentation of the subject.' EMS
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