Intervention for Human Rights in Europe

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März 2002



Values, in terms of human rights and democracy, have become important factors for individual state's participation in the international community. Janne Haaland Matláry, former Secretary of State in the Department of Foreign Affairs, Norway, explores the ethical and moral conflict between the international system and the rights of sovereign powers in cases such as Kosovo, Bosnia and Rwanda.


Acknowledgements PART I: STATE SOVEREIGNTY AND HUMAN RIGHTS IN EUROPE Towards a New Type of Sovereignty in Europe Human Rights and Democracy: Driving Forces and Policy Tools The Formation of the European Human Rights Regime The Impact of International Organizations and Regimes PART II: THE IMPACT OF THE HUMAN RIGHTS REGIME The Council of Europe's Impact The OSCE's Impact The EU's Impact Human Rights and Hard Power: A New Norm for Intervention? Epilogue References


JANNE HAALAND MATLÁRY is Associate Professor of International Politics at the University of Oslo. She is author of Energy Policy in the European Union and co-author of EMU: A Swedish Perspective.


'Matlary's timely and lucid study of the evolving European human rights system represents a significant contribution...' - N.N. Haanstad, Choice
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