Janice VanCleave's Geometry for Every Kid: Easy Activities That Make Learning Geometry Fun

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August 1994



How do you fold a sheet of paper into the shape of a whale? How do you measure the area of a pizza pie? How can you draw a circle within a circle without lifting your pencil from the paper? Now you can discover the answers to these and other fascinating questions about elementary geometry— the study of shapes. Packed with illustrations, Geometry for Every Kid uses simple problems and activities to teach about acute and obtuse angles, parallel and perpendicular lines, plane and space figures, and much more! By arranging the pieces of an intriguing Chinese puzzle called a tangram, you'll explore all the different shapes you can form. You'll also learn how to create a colorful 3-D drawing that seems to rise right off the page! And, by building a geoboard, you'll discover a quick, fun way to compare the area of different geometric figures. Each of the activities is broken down into its purpose, a list of materials, step-by-step instructions, expected results, and an easy to understand explanation. Every project has been pretested and can be performed safely and inexpensively in the classroom or at home. Also available in this series from Janice VanCleave: ASTRONOMY FOR EVERY KID BIOLOGY FOR EVERY KID CHEMISTRY FOR EVERY KID DINOSAURS FOR EVERY KID EARTH SCIENCE FOR EVERY KID GEOGRAPHY FOR EVERY KID THE HUMAN BODY FOR EVERY KID MATH FOR EVERY KID PHYSICS FOR EVERY KID


Line Up. What's the Angle?. Crossover. Three-Sided Figures. Four-Sided Figures. Hidden Figures. Overlay. Five-Square Figures. Curvey Figures. Never-Ending Line. Around and Around. Too Odd. Reverse Copy. Plane Art. What's Next?. Coverup. Same Size. Pie?. Dotted. Spacey. Faces. On the Surface. Toothpick Magic. Over and Up. Three-Dimensional Drawings. Glossary. Index.


JANICE VANCLEAVE is a former school science teacher and a captivating presenter at museums, schools, and bookstores nationwide. She is the author of over twenty other science books for children.
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