Core Collection for Small Libraries: An Annotated Bibliography of Books for Children and Young Adults

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Februar 1997



Created to assist small libraries, parents and teachers in selecting essential books for their collection, Core Collection for Small Libraries lists over 400 titles deemed appropriate for children and young adults.


Janice A. DeLong is currently a member of the faculty at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. Rachel E. Schwedt supervises the curriculum and audio visual libraries at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. She holds a masters degree in library science, and has been a kindergarten teacher, an English teacher and a librarian in both public and private schools.


I liked this book, a handy, library reference with a beautiful presentation-type cover making it also an ideal present for any parent of young children. The format of the book is excellent and very user-friendly...this book is excellent for teachers, schools and teacher-training institutions, as well as for parents... Australian Library Journal ...I appreciated the opportunity to preview the book. I found it to be an excellent resource for new and young schools that desire to lay a good foundation for their libraries... -- John Schimmer, Ed.D., Regional Director, Association of Christian Schools International ...useful for both educators and parents who are looking for suggestions of both classic and contemporary books for children and adolescents...the straightforward layout makes this a very accessible book. National Literacy Trust ...a balanced and useful selection of books...libraries should look at this bibliography as a starting point for collection development...recommended for public, school, and university libraries that would like a useful children's literature bibliography. Lisca DeLong and Scwedt have authored a work that is at once a handy library reference and an ideal present for parents of young children. The format of the book is excellent and very user-friendly: medium-sized type and standard entries of several lines with three entries per page result in a consistent and easily followed layout...This book is excellent for teachers, schools and universities supporting courses in education and children's literature; it is also a useful selection guide for parents who wish to choose literature that is appropriate in level and message for their children. Library Collections, Acquisitions and Technical Services ...sumptuously indexed. The intellectual effort in this book is significant. The School Librarian Especially recommended for its Applications and Values as listed in the subject index. -- Donna W. Bowling Christian Library Journal
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