Child-centred Play Therapy

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Part One Introductory - Toby Play and play therapy Children in Society Part Two Play Therapy in Practice - Referrals and the referral process The first session Relating through roles, relationships and words Relating through toys and play-based activities Relating through the plastic arts Hybrid play: Tim's play therapy The therapeutic process and evaluation Termination Some specific issues Child-centred play therapy groups Part Three: The Therapeutic Role - The aspiring play therapist Counselling skills Allied practical considerations Part Four: Contextual Issues - Historical and theoretical background to play therapy The unconscious and symbolism Valedictory: children and play therapists Appendix 1 - Play Equipment Appendix 2 - Recording schedules References Author and person index Subject index.


Parents and professionals will find this an invaluable introduction to the subject. -- Early Education (of the first edition) I cannot recommend this book highly enough -- Caduceus (of the first edition) An invaluable read for both practising and intending play therapists. The format is clear, logical, interactive, and easy to read...comprehensive and well an educational psychologist I found the book a useful guide for reflecting upon my own practice. -- Educational Psychology in Practice Draws on the author's extensive experience as a play therapist and highlights the value of play therapy by the use of case studies...I would recommend this book not only to social workers but to other professionals who work with children and young people. -- Journal of Social Practice
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