Fighting Different Wars: Experience, Memory, and the First World War in Britain

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Janet Watson's book is an illuminating study of war and memory.


List of illustrations; Acknowledgements; Introduction: experience, memory and the Great War; Part I. Experience and the War: 1. Soldiers and 'khaki girls': men and women in military and paramilitary organisations; 2. The healing of her men: amateur and professional hospital workers; 3. Other armies: auxiliary war workers; 4. A family at war: the Beales of Standen; Part II. Memory and the War: 5. The soldier's story: publishing and the postwar years; 6. Creating disillusionment in popular memory; 7. Still fighting: memory enters history; Conclusion: climbing out of the trenches; Select bibliography; Index.


Janet Watson is Assistant Professor of History at the University of Connecticut.


'... this is a cogently argued, important book.' BBC History 'This is a useful and thought-provoking book. Undergraduates of history and literature should be encouraged to read it both for the light it sheds on the British experience of the First World War and for the way it illustrates the contrast between strictly contemporary evidence and primary sources molded by the retrospection of just a few years. Historians should welcome it for highlighting how perceptions of the war came to be dominated by stories of disillusionment and futility. Scholarship like this will, eventually, undermine the monolithic authority of those stories and the history of the war - multifaceted and complex - will reach a wider audience.' H-Net 'This is a thoughtful piece of research and a book well worth reading.' Open History
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