Domestication of Toddalia asiatica L. in Uganda

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Juni 2011



Toddalia asiatica (L.) Lam. Commonly known as orange climber is a multipurpose plant species with important therapeutic values. In East Africa, it commonly grows in river bank and forest edge habitats. However, these natural habitats are being transformed, making T. asiatica vulnerable to extinction. This book which is based on a research study undertaken in Uganda gives an insight on the sustainable use of T. asiatica in traditional medicine, characterizing its growth conditions in the wild and evaluating its performance under domestic conditions as a means of its conservation. Traditional Medicine Practitioners (TMPs) use T. asiatica to treat several ailments including abdominal pains, cough, and malaria. The root is the main part used in the treatments among other parts like the leaves and stem. T. asiatica variability in leaf chemical characteristics from different habitats presents challenges to producing a uniform drug output by the TMPs. This book will be useful to traditional medicine practitioners, pharmacists, medical doctors, policy makers, researchers, project implementers, social workers and administrators particularly in the health sectors.


Masters in Soil science and BSc in Agricultural land use and management. She has research and teaching experience in Soil Science and currently a lecturer and head of Soil and Environmental Science department at Umutara polytechnic, Rwanda. Her research interests are in sustainable soil fertility management.
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Untertitel: Characterization of Toddalia asiatica natural habitat in the Lake Victoria basin and its domestication in Uganda. Paperback. Sprache: Englisch.
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