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Mai 1992



"A wonderful book about a remarkable man who inspired and instructed generations of American dancers."--Martha Clarke, Director/Choreographer


Janet Mansfield Soares first met Louis Horst as a young dancer at Juilliard. She became his assistant while pursuing a career as a performer and choreographer under his tutelage. Since 1964 she has taught dance composition courses based on his work at Juilliard and Barnard College, where she is currently the Chair of the Dance Department.


"Ms. Soares makes it clear that Louis Horst was a trailblazer, indispensable not only to Graham's efforts but to a system of teaching and evaluating dance composition that laid claim to a new and vital art form--one that expressed life in a new century with a new movement language. . . . The humility and particular genius of the man comes through, as a musician willing to serve the dance, as a mentor willing to serve the choreographer, and as a visionary championing a new breed of artists."--Peter Sparling, Chair, Department of Dance, University of Michigan (Former Principal Dancer, The Martha Graham Dance Company)
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