Know Your Parenting Personality: How to Use the Enneagram to Become the Best Parent You Can Be

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Februar 2003



The Enneagram, a popular system of personality mapping, has helped millions of people get a better understanding of their motivations, talents, and problems. With this unique guide, Enneagram expert Levine applies the system to parenting and shows people how to develop richer, stronger, less stressful relationships with their children.


Acknowledgments. Introduction. 1. Discovering Your Parenting Personality: What's Your Type? 2. The Helper: Meeting the Needs of Others. 3. The Organizer: Loving through Doing. 4. The Dreamer: Connection Is Everything. 5. The Observer: Let's Step Back and See. 6. The Questioner: "Be Prepared"-That's My Motto. 7. The Entertainer: Let's Have Fun! Let's Play! 8. The Protector: I Am Your Sanctuary: Nothing Threatens You Here. 9. The Peacekeeper: Living Life through Others. 10. The Moralizer: Always Striving for Perfection. Epilogue: Taking the Next Step. Appendix: History, Research, and Theory on Personality Studies. References. Topics for Discussion. Index.


JANET LEVINE, international Enneagram authority and author, has written for publications such as the New York Times Magazine and the Boston Globe. Her previous books include The Enneagram Intelligences: Understanding Personality for Effective Teaching and Learning. Levine is the founder and first president of a professional association of Enneagram teachers.


Enneagram expert Janet Levine shows people how to develop richer, stronger,less stressful relationships with their Janet Levine brings her wealth of experience with children and parents to this groundbreaking work. (Her work) will enrich your relationships with your children and foster health promoting benefits. --David Daniels, M.D., Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Stanford Medical School [Parents] will find effective action strategies to promote greater understanding, compassion and self-esteem. I highly recommend this book to all parents. -- Sammylane Wirth, PH.D Family Therapist, Parent Educator Janet Levine has written a wonderful book. This is an extremely valuable resource for everyone who seeks to understand parent-child interaction. --Joseph G. Schaller,Psy.D. Clinical Psychologist; Director, The Postgraduate Center, and Adjunct Assistant Professor, The Institute for Graduate Clinical Psychology, Widener University; Private Practice with Children and Adults Janet Levine's revolutionary new book is a must read for all parents, would-be parents, and professionals who work with parents.-- Sarah M. Drennan, Ph.D Licensed Clinical Psychologist, and psychotherapist in private practice. "...An interesting concept, well presented with lots of practical advice and case studies..."(Junior, July 2003)
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