Financial Success for Young Adults and Recent Graduates: Managing Money, Credit, and Your Future

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Two of the most important aspects of good money management are the time-value of money and its associated compounding and the true concept of credit. Financial Success for Young Adults and Recent Graduates explains these issues at length, provides case studies, and also addresses: paying for college; insurance; retirement benefits; savings and investment options; and obtaining and managing credit loans.


Part 1 Part 1: The Basics Part 2 Part 2: What's in It for You Part 3 Part 3: A Brief History of Money and Credit Part 4 Part 4: What Affects the Value of Your Money? Part 5 Part 5: What Is Credit? How Do You Manage Credit? Part 6 Part 6: Protecting Your Credit, Yourself, and Your Credit Rating Part 7 Part 7: Life is Very Taxing Part 8 Part 8: Getting (and Losing) a Job Part 9 Part 9: Managing Your Money: The Basics Part 10 Part 10: Getting and Paying for an Education Part 11 Part 11: Maximizing Your Ability to Get Financial Aid: At Any Age Part 12 Part 12: Living within Your Means Part 13 Part 13: Saving and Investing Part 14 Part 14: Understanding, Obtaining, and Managing Personal Insurance Part 15 Part 15: Putting the Pieces Together Part 16 Part 16: Let's Merge Part 17 Part 17: Employer-Provided or-Sponsored Benefit Plans Part 18 Part 18: Planning for Major Purchases without Breaking the Bank Part 19 Part 19: Starting a Business Chapter 20 Appendix A: Glossary Chapter 21 Appendix B: Useful Forms and Documents Chapter 22 Appendix C: Answers to Practice Problems


Janet C. Arrowood develops training materials for financial advisors and has previously worked as a financial advisor. She is the author of numerous financial and educational books and articles for both investors and professional advisors.


Arrowood covers everything from handling credit to doing taxes in clear and eay-to-understand language. Quotes from teens, recent graduates, and their parents are included in each chapter so that the reader no only hears the author's views but also many others. ... A great tool for classroom use. ... Highly recommended for school libraries. VOYA
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