Political Thought in Seventeenth-Century Ireland: Kingdom or Colony

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Juni 2000



This 2000 book provides an in-depth analysis of seventeenth-century Irish political thought and culture.


1. Introduction Jane H. Ohlmeyer; Part I. Ireland and England: 2. Patrick Darcy and the constitutional relationship between Ireland and Britain Aidan Clarke; 3. Counter-currents in colonial discourse: The political thought of Vincent and Daniel Gookin Patricia Coughlan; 4. Recasting a tradition: William Molyneux and the sources of The Case of Ireland Stated (1698) Patrick Kelly; 5. Political ideas and their social contexts in seventeenth-century Ireland Raymond Gillespie; Part II. Ireland and the Continent: 6. Representations of king, parliament and the Irish people in Geoffrey Keating's Foras Feasa ar Eirinn and John Lynch's Cambrensis Eversus (1662) Bernadette Cunningham; 7. 'Though hereticks and politicians should misinterpret their good zeale': Political ideology and Catholicism in early modern Ireland Tadhg o hAnnrachain; 8. Gaelic Maccabeanism: the politics of reconciliation Jerrold Casway; Part III. Irish Political Thought and the New British and Irish Histories: 9. Covenanting ideology in seventeenth-century Scotland Allan Macinnes; 10. The political economy of Britian and Ireland after the Glorious Revolution David Armitage; 11. From ancient constitution to British empire: William Atwood and the imperial crown of England Charles C. Ludington; 12. The third kingdom in its history: an afterword J. G. A. Pocock.


Review of the hardback: '... an important and fascinating foray into the much-neglected field of seventeenth-century Irish political thought and culture.' Notes and Queries Review of the hardback: 'Like all the best books, this volume leaves us thirsting for more. It is a very significant contribution to the field, both empirically and methodologically, and deserves a wide readership.' Parliamentary History
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