The Politics of Immigration: Questions and Answers

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April 2007



Guskin and Wilson have written an excellent book about immigration politics, a very complex subject, in an accessible and provocative way. They use a question and answer format, which allows them to directly address some of the most heated issues in this national debate. Theyave done a great job of identifying these hot-button points, and go about undoing the stereotypes, misinformation and prejudice that paralyze rational thought about immigration policy. In the process, they break down complex sets of ideas into their component pieces, giving each one its own question. This book is a great reality check, a good teaching tool, and a powerful weapon against racism. - David Bacon, Photojournalist and trade unionist, author of "Communities Without Borders: Images and Voices from the World of Migration"


Jane Guskin and David L. Wilson are the co-editors of Weekly News Update on the Americas. Guskin also edits Immigration News Briefs. Guskin produced a widely circulated immigrant rights flier entitled "What's So Wrong About Immigration?" Her essay "The Case for Open Borders" was published in Melting Point or Boiling Point? The Issues of Immigration. Wilson's articles on Latin American issues have appeared in many publications including Monthly Review, Extra!, and New York's El Diario-La Prensa.
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