Silences from the Spanish Civil War

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Mai 2002



A collection of poems of the Spanish Civil War. It offers an outline of the course and significance of the war and places the poems within their historical context.


Jane Duran was brought up in the USA and Chile, and now lives in England. Her poems have appeared in anthologies, and selections have been published in Poetry Introduction 8 (Faber and Faber, 1993) Making for Planet Alice (Bloodaxe, 1997) and in La Generacion del Cordero (Trilce Ediciones, Mexico, 2000). Her debut collection, Breathe Now, Breathe (Enitharmon, 1995) won the Forward Prize for Best First Collection. Enitharmon published her second collection Silences from the Spanish Civil War in 2002.


'Duran - a Spanish-American born in Cuba, resident in England since 1966 - twists her hybrid colours into rich, sensual, and perfectly controlled statements of memory and loss...A poet to rejoice in.' Adam Thorpe, The Observer'Her poems are voyages of discovery. Literally. Over and over she writes about the journeys, physical and metaphysical, that are transformative experiences.' Sarah Maguire, Poetry Review
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