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Januar 2003



Essays drawn from a variety of disciplines both review and challenge current understandings of masculinity in Latin America.


Matthew C. Gutmann is Stanley J. Bernstein Assistant Professor of the Social Sciences-International Affairs in the Department of Anthropology at Brown University. He is author of "The Meanings of Macho: Being a Man in Mexico City" and "Mainstreaming Men into Gender and Development: Debates, Reflections, Experiences "(with Sylvia Chant).


"Changing Men and Masculinities in Latin America stands on the frontier of gender studies. Its interdisciplinarity, broad historical scope, and multicountry coverage portray well the diversity of masculinities in Latin America." Elizabeth Dore, co-editor of Hidden Histories of Gender and the State in Latin America "The essays in this volume represent a significant advance for our understanding of both the texture and obstinate endurance of inequality in Latin America. Building on recent breakthrough studies of women, gender, and sexuality, Changing Men and Masculinities opens up worlds of male experience, from the bedroom to the workplace. The volume confirms that masculinity is a useful, and indispensable, category of analysis."-Greg Grandin, author of The Blood of Guatemala: A History of Race and Nation " ... Changing Men and Masculinities in Latin American will come as something of a godsend... provides rich contextual insights into men and masculinity in different Latin AMerican countries, as well as lending weight to issues of broader theoretical significance ... "--Jrnl of Latin American Studies, February 2005
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