Moving Out of the Box: Tools for Team Decision Making

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November 2007



Offers methods and tools team members and their leaders can use to ratchet up the performance level. This book argues that the way to make good decisions is to have an expansive group conversation that leads to sound decisions and swift execution. It also identifies 5 decision-making profiles, and shows how to steer a group into an effective one.


Jana M. Kemp is founder and principal of Meeting & Management Essentials. She is a management trainer, facilitator, and speaker specialising in improving individual and organisational productivity and performance. She is the author of Moving Meetings and No! How One Simple Word Can Transform Your Life, and coauthor of Building Community in Buildings (Praeger, 2007).


"How many of the meetings you attend do you consider worthless? Your response (and those from the rest of your colleagues) will no doubt lead you to read, if not embrace, Kemp's latest book....She touts a rubric called ChoiceMarks, which is a typology of five styles--antisurvival, boxed-in, neutral, engaged enthusiasm, extreme excitement-all of which can somehow lead to decisions being made. Scenarios, practices, quizzes, and lists upon lists of questions infuse these styles with substance and help readers figure out how to become unstuck, collaborate, take control, act, or simply let the initiative die. The material is presented in a realistic, down-to-earth manner...." - Booklist
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